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RedRock Helicopters is a full service maintenance facility. Look to us for all of your regularly scheduled or unscheduled maintenance including 100 hour and  50 hour and 12 year inspections. We specialize in AD compliance and will ensure your aircraft is flying safely and legally. We are also experts in troubleshooting, and can save you time and expense by quiclky analyzing unscheduled maintenance problems and repairing them in a timely manner. 


Our overhaul facility is second to none. With a fully equipped shop including a hoist and custom designed scaffolding, we can bring your Robinson R22 or R44 to like new condition. With our highly organized parts system, we catologue each part that is removed or replaced, and track the condition of all components to help you get the most return for your core items. You can be assured our overhauls are done right, efficiently, and on time.

Exclusive Finders Program

If you're in the market to purchase a Robinson R22 or R44, let our Finders Program locate the perfect helicopter for us to overhaul. By purchasing a run-out aircraft, you can save thousands on the purchase price and enjoy trememdous overall cost savings through our flat-fee labor charges. Plus, you can customize your aircraft with the paint, interior and other accessories you choose. There's no more efficient, less expensive way to buy!

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